Movies Suggested by Rama
database last updated on 7/23/00

Meditation and Spiritual
* indicates a movie seen with Rama

*Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai


*Being Human
Forsyth, Bill 1994
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Attenborough, Richard 1982
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*Groundhog Day
Ramis, Harold 1993
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Being There
Ashby, Hal 1979
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Big Blue, The
Besson, Luc 1988


Brother Sun Sister Moon
Zeffirelli, Franco 1973
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Canyons Of Light - Zazen (private release)


Crossroads, The
Hill, Walter 1986
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Forrest Gump
Zemeckis, Robert 1994
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Golden Child, The
Ritchie, Michael 1986
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Last Emperor, The
Bertolucci, Bernardo 1987
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Last Temptation of Christ, The
Scorsese, Martin 1988
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Life of Brian (Monty Python)
Jones, Terry 1979
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Little Buddha, The
Bertolucci, Bernardo 1994
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Mr. Destiny
Orr, James 1990
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Oh God! Book I
Reiner, Carl 1977
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Oh God! Book II
Cates, Gilbert 1980
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Pathways to Enlightenment (private release)


Razor's Edge, The (1984)
Byrum, John 1984
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Seven Years in Tibet
Annaud, Jean-Jacques 1997
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Tantric Buddhism (private release)


What is Dancing? Zazen (music video- private release)





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