Movies Suggested by Rama
database last updated on 7/23/00

Animation and Visual
* indicates a movie seen with Rama

*Dark Crystal, The
Henson, Jim 1982
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*Koyaanisqati, Life out of Balance


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All Dogs Go To Heaven
Bluth, Don 1989
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Reitherman, Wolfgang 1970
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Noonan, Chris 1995
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Beauty and the Beast
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Canyons Of Light - Zazen (private release)


Cool World
Bakshi, Ralph 1992
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Roberts, Bill 1942
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Hobbit, The
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Last Unicorn, The
Bass, Jules 1982
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Lion King, The
Disney Prod. 1994
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Little Mermaid, The
Musker, John 1989
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Lord of the Rings


Muppet's Christmas Carol
Henson, Brian 1992
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Muppet's Take Manhattan, The
Oz. Frank 1984
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Never-Ending Story, The
Petersen, Wolfgang 1984
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Nightmare Before Christmas, The
Selick, Henry 1993
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Barron, Steve 1992
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Toy Story
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What is Dancing? Zazen (music video- private release)


Who framed Roger Rabbit?
Zemeckis, Robert 1988
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