Let Dr Lenz's Music Teach
"I asked the Zen Master."

Zen Master

[History: There are three versions of Zen Master.
This tape recorded in 1987 in Los Angeles,
Zen Master, A Rock Opera (1990)
Techno Zen Master (1993, 1999)]

". . . As for Techno Zen Master, there were quite a few versions. Only two as of yet were released to students.

The first version was done in (1993) and has slightly different cuts. However, I don't think the 1st version was ever released to students- it may have only been sent out to record companies.

The 2nd version is basically the one that ended up on the 1999 remastered cd, minus the versions of the Pachelbel Canon that are on this original tape. The 2nd version of TZM has live drums on most of the cuts and the Japanese spoken dialogue was redone from the first version. The tape release was given out to students in 1994 but had a 1993 release date on it.

About a year after this version was released, we did a third version that was radically different, with hip hop vocal cuts and a heavier overall remixed sound. This third version was never released and will likely never be heard again, although Rama did play cuts from the album for his students in NY when it was completed in 1995. The only cut released from it is We're Gonna Live Forever, which is the last cut on the '99 CD. "

Steve Kaplan


"He didn't answer.
Or perhaps, he did."