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The Original Urban Destruction (Black & White) Recording

[History: Tape(s) - 3:
Black and White Cityscape - 1986
Pink Cityscape - 1987,
Tape (no artwork) - 1990
, 1994]

Zazen originally recorded the first version of "Urban Destruction" at the Japan American Theater in Los Angeles in 1986. It was shortly released thereafter on tape [Black and White Cityscape Cover]. However, Rama was not satisfied with the overall energy that was being projected by the audience that night, and there were also technical and creative problems that hampered the taping as well. Additionally, there was a section at the end of one of the songs that was a little too 'out there', and the band decided to rewrite it before committing the project permanently to tape.

It was therefore rerecorded the same night as the original "Lightsaber", immediately before the "Hobbit" performance, on January 11, 1987 at the Wilshire Ebell Theater in Los Angeles. This was then released with the "Pink Cityscape" cover with the original 1986 date and theater listed on the sleeve."

Thanks for the info John and Steve!!

Q. Say, about that Psychotic Dog on Urban Destruction - was he part of the family of any of the band members?

A. The 'Psychotic Dog' on Urban D. was a snarling, growling beast I sampled off of a sound effects library CD. I have no idea of the original source of that sample, but it probably comes from a movie soundtrack, or something along those lines. In any case, it's public domain. I would never attempt to make my dog so angry as to make that sound simply for an effect on an album.

Thanks for the info Steve!!


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