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Occult Dancer

Tape - 1987, Tape (no artwork) - 1990, 1994
(The 1990 release is the same as the 1994 release)

(Remastered double CD of original first 1987 release) - 2001

Mandala of Light & Occult Dancer

"Both [Mandala of Light and Occult Dancer] of these albums were identical on Sides 1 & 2. They were each designed to be listened to as one unbroken meditative suite and there was no place to break them to create a Side 2... so we just put everything on Side 1 on each album."

"These two albums [Mandala of Light and Occult Dancer] were the first ones to be recorded in a studio without an audience. Occult Dancer was recorded at the Ebell, but side one got messed up and couldn't be used. So since we were going into the studio to record Mandala anyway, we re-recorded DAY on the same session. The studio we recorded at was Powertracks, on Cahuenga in Hollywood. We did DAY first, then recorded Mandala immediately afterwards."

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