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The Unofficial "Network Sounds" Recording

. . . "Joaquin Lievano, Steve Kaplan and Andy West first performed live together with Rama at a seminar in January of 1985 in Los Angeles. They had never played onstage with Rama before, and hadn't named the band yet. The seminar was subsequently put on tape, with the lecture interspersed with the music. A number of students edited the music out of Rama's lecture tape, and some referred to the unofficial copy as "Network Sounds". A number of these songs were played on "Music from Nirvana", and included early versions of "Canine Plane" and "Spaceflakes" which were later rerecorded and released on the "Samsara" tapes."

Thanks for the info John!

From the RamaLila Bulletin Board:

"I understand that Zazen was briefly call Nirvana and that in 1985 a tape was given out of there concert in Boston. With some songs that eventually became Zazen's Samsara 1 and 2 tape release. But what were the actual songs on that tape? Did they have names yet or if so was there any one time only forgotten tracks? . . . "

(YES - The band was not yet called Zazen! It was briefly named Nirvana)

Tracks were collected from 3 nights of live performances.

". . . . Most of these tunes had no names at the time they were recorded- we only named them when Samsara came out the following year because we needed titles for the cover art. Most of the tracks ended up on Samsara 1 and 2. Rama was not impressed with our titles and took over the task of titling the songs with the next album, Samurai."

Thanks Steve!

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