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Mystery School

Crystal Dome, Telepathy and Atlantis Rising are three tracks that are on the CD commercial release that originally came from the inhouse Atlantis Rising album. Terra Nova Records decided that they wanted these tracks to be on Mystery School because they preferred these tracks over "Sun Worship" which was featured on the original Wizard Hat Mystery School in-house release.

The commercial tape release is slightly different in that it does not include Telepathy or Atlantis Rising due to the fact that at that time tapes did not have adequate space available to include these tracks.

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"Egyptian Mysticism"

Why Mystery School? Well, Rama was into revisiting past lives, and the Egyptian lifetimes were important ones to him. He wanted to revisit them in musical form, so even though he had touched on the material (in a sense) a few years previously, he felt that music could bring a fresh approach to the subject matter. Also, though he did discuss mysticism a few years previous to the album's release, that level of discussion was really more Castenedian than Egyptian. He was referencing Don Juan more so than the ancient Egyptian mystery schools, who practiced a distinctly different form of mysticism than the sorcery in Carlos C.'s books that Rama was primarily drawing on.

You'll notice that there's a series of Zazen albums that all directly deal with past (and occasionally, present) lives:
Samurai - Japan
Urban Destruction - America (L.A. specifically)
Atlantis Rising- Atlantis
Mystery School Egypt
Tantra- India, China, Tibet, 20th Century America

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