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Light Saber

Tape - 1987, Tape (no artwork) - 1990, 1994

(The 1990 release is the same as the 1994 release)

(Remastered CD of 1990 release with original artwork) - 2002

Q. On one (two?) of the songs performed during the original Lightsaber performance, Bodhi played a blue guitar which sounded very different than a traditional electric guitar. I was wondering what kind of guitar it was?

A. Bodhi's blue guitar at the Lightsaber performance was a guitar synthesizer. He was experimenting with using the guitar to trigger synth sounds and textures at the time, and he employed it on a couple of the tunes on that album. He played around with the device for a few months, but it didn't get much use in our music after that.

Thanks to John for inquiring, and Steve for the informative answer!


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