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Ecstasy (First Tape Release)

Tape - 1992
Almost Same Artwork for Both Releases

There are two versions of Ecstasy (Approx. 10 mos. apart from each other). We put out the first version to students on cassette only, and then upon further listening we decided to re-mix it. The first version sounded muffled and is sonically inferior to the second version, which was also released on CD as well as cassette.

On the second (re-mixed) version, we re-cut the guitar track on Satin Sheets, and added some percussion parts to some of the other songs.

Ecstasy was supposed to be a jazz fusion album. At that point in time, Zazen didn't have a recording contract and Rama wanted us to become commercially successful. Around that time, The Wave radio format was being launched nationwide, playing primarily lite jazz selections and (in the beginning, at least) a smattering of new age artists like Kitaro, Yanni and Vangelis. Mostly it was that fusion lite jazz sound, though, and Rama decided that we should aim for that market and jazz up our sound a little.

Well, it really wasn't all that jazzy- we could have taken it a lot further than we did. I don't think there's a keyboard solo on the whole album, and Bodhi's solos are more rock fusion than jazz fusion. But the tone is definitely lighter than our other stuff, in the middle between the heavier rock/fusion we had done in previous years and the lighter meditation albums like Enlightenment and Canyons. In fact, it was music designed for easy listening, not for meditation. Ironically, though it was intended as an overtly commercial album, Ecstasy was never sold or released in the commercial marketplace.

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