Let Dr Lenz's Music Teach
"I asked the Zen Master."

Zen Master - A Rock Opera

Tape (no artwork) - 1990

[History: There are three versions of Zen Master:
"Zen Master", a tape recorded in 1987 in Los Angeles;
this tape: Zen Master, A Rock Opera (1990); and
Techno Zen Master (1993, 2000)]

". . . there was never a CD or other version made afterwards. That album was based on the 1987 album recorded live at the Wilshire Ebell, but changed radically in the production process."

"Zen Master, A Rock Opera, was never released as a CD and was never re-recorded in other versions. Techno Zen Master was based on several of the original ZM themes, i.e. the cut "This is Techno Zen Master" which is pretty obvious.

Steve Kaplan



"He didn't answer.
Or perhaps, he did."