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Sunset Meditations

A couple Rama students had been teaching free introductory classes in meditation for a while and giving away various books to help people coming to the classes become more acquainted with enlightenment and enlightened teachers.

"So, who’s got something they’d like to share about the reading? You are reading these books you take away, right?" teased one of the teachers one night at class, opening up the floor for discussion.

"Yeah. In that "Surfing" book. The part about sunset. I’ve always felt a large ache during that time of the day and never known why", said a young woman. "I was quite interested when the snowboarder described his ‘cosmic loneliness’ during that time of the day. I had never read anyone else feeling that way before."

In the novel, the young snowboarder explains how "in the late afternoon, usually around the time I was making my last run down a mountain, I would find myself feeling what I had come to refer to as ‘cosmic loneliness’. He depicts these emotions as having "an almost spatial dimension to them", stating that he "felt as if my mental perceptions extended beyond my body and this world to something infinitely more powerful, and that my personal concerns were overshadowed by what I could best describe as these ‘otherworldly’ feelings." (p. 138-139)

The young woman continued. "I was really surprised when you told us sunset was considered a good time of the day to meditate, when you said that Nature is naturally more still at that time and that doorways to other dimensions just open up during sunset."

A young man chimed in, "Yeah. I tried it out over the weekend while I was out hiking. I sat down to meditate on a little ridge at sunset, and I did notice how quiet everything got. It was just really easy to meditate then. I never thought about this before, one time of the day feeling different from another."

"Yes, sunset is a very magical time of the day. People who meditate are sensitive to feeling it", pointed out the teacher.

"Well, it helped reading about the snowboarder’s longings, to feel I wasn’t the only one so affected by that time of the day", commented the young woman.

"If you can meditate during that time of day, even occasionally if your schedule permits or if you can be outdoors at sunset over the weekend, those magical energies can really deepen your experience of stillness as Master Fwap explains in the book," replied the teacher.

In the novel, Master Fwap tells the young snowboarder about the "incredible beauty and the majestic power that these particular dimensions can make available to you in the late afternoon and early evenings. Some day, when you come to see and understand these things, you will be able to access the power and beauty of those dimensions and bring them into your life." (p.148)

"So maybe a good field trip for the class would be a Saturday hike with a sunset meditation?" suggested another young man in the class.

"That would be ‘walking the walk’ for real!", teased the teacher and the class groaned at the very bad pun. Nevertheless plans were set in motion to have a direct experiment with an outdoor sunset meditation at a local nature reserve.


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