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'The half-life of time is the awareness that time doesn't have either mass or energy' (p. 209).


"Hidden Teachings of Tibet"

by Tulku Thondup Rinpoche.
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*** Note: Rama


Half-life Of Time

"So, any questions tonight?" asked a Rama student facing an introductory meditation class sometime toward the end of the evening, tossing it out as a slow pitch.

"Yes, I have a question", piped up a young graduate student of philosophy. "I've been reading, you know, that Snowboarding book. I'd like to know more about the half-life of time."

"Oh. One of those just-shoot-me-now questions!" teased the Rama student as the class laughed.

"So for those of you who are new around here, she's talking about a book by Dr. Lenz, an enlightened meditation teacher." The graduate student nodded. "And in the book, there's a Buddhist monk who explains a lot of interesting stuff to a young American snowboarder, and one of the chapters is about the 'half-life of time'. And I'll be honest. I'm not sure I can do better than the explanation in that book," said the Rama student trying to beg off this one.

The graduate student still pushed it, "Master Fwap says in the book, 'The half-life of time is the awareness that time doesn't have either mass or energy' (p. 209). Did Rama ever talk with you about this?"

The Rama student pondered for a moment. "Tell you what. I really can't do better than that chapter. Master Fwap is a lot clearer in explanations than I am with something like that. I really refer the rest of you to that chapter.

But I can tell you a true story to illustrate how Rama would shift our sense of time. One night in Beverly Hills Rama was talking to us, and he stopped for a moment. And then he said with great interest, 'Just a second. I want to see if I can talk to myself back in Atlantis and see if I can do something then that will affect the outcome of right now.' And then he paused and meditated quietly, and we all watched in suspense."

And the Rama student paused, to give the effect of that moment, and then continued on, "And he came out of the meditation and smiled at us. Then he said out loud, 'Yeah. I can.'"

And the graduate student asked, "Really?"

"Yes, really. I mean, I can't really explain to you the tech of how he did that, but my body knew he was telling us the truth.

"I can tell you I personally have had an experience of being in this life, remembering a past life, a scene in the Middle Ages where I was teaching in a convent and seeing Rama sending me energy into that life from Atlantis, as if back then he knew where I would be and was sending me exactly what I needed for that moment to help me with teaching. And it was weird to see that connection existing across time and space like that, but I certainly experienced it as genuine.

"And there are stories in the Buddhist tradition of Buddhist teachers like Padmasambhava, who lived centuries ago and yet is said to have sent numerous thought-waves into our present time, specific teachings to help with the darkness of this age. Shortly before he died, Rama gave away a book at a golf fashion show as one of the prizes for the best dressed golfers, and this book has some information about what the Tibetans call 'termas', hidden teachings that don't come out until 'the right time'. It's called Hidden Teachings of Tibet by Tulku Thondup Rinpoche."

The graduate student looked up, "When I was younger, I had an experience once. I felt like something from the future was looking in on me."

The Rama student said quietly, "That may have truly happened."

And the entire class got very still for a moment.

"Well, how can I learn more about this?" demanded the graduate student.

"Rama's advice to us was: learn to meditate! Let's do that now!" laughed the Rama student.




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