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Handbook of Enlightenment

"OK, so I'm reading this 'Snowboarding' book you gave me, and I really like 'The Handbook of Enlightenment' sections", said a young woman to a Rama student.

"Those parts that are on the gray-shaded pages?" asked the Rama student.

"Yeah, you know, from that book the Oracle gives the snowboarder kid, where we get to see quotes from it as the snowboarder is reading it. I just loved it, right from the opening page of it. It's like it was talking straight to me," said the young woman.

"Well, I think it's supposed to be," said the Rama student. "If you have found your way to this book, those pages really are meant for you on a very deep level."

"So I have karma from a past life for meditating?" asked the young woman.

"Probably from several past lives," laughed the Rama student. "Rama told us once that this age is so dark, it would be impossible for someone to become interested in meditating for the first time now. Only someone who has meditated before would even find the subject of interest. It would make no sense to them otherwise."

"So that whole introductory page of the 'Handbook' really fits not just the snowboarder, but it applies to me, too?" questioned the young woman.

"Absolutely," responded the Rama student, knowing the page she was referring to.

In part this page reads:

"Because of your good karma from past ages, you have found your way back to the path. This book is the distilled elixir of dharmic practices. Pay close attention to that which follows. It will lead you on the short path to the clear light of reality--the celestial state of Buddhahood, where the world as you know it will stop, and the pain of sentient existence will come to an end.

"Be diligent in your practice. Be patient. You will succeed in your task in this world. Your task is consciously to rejoin the stream of perfect consciousness that abides both in and around all things." (p.40)

"That just gives me so much hope," said the young woman, "you know, that there really are magical teachers and magical teachings and I really can be part of it."

"You're picking up a thread you already started before," said the Rama student, "and Rama has packed enough enlightened energy into his books and music that you can make tremendous progress in meditation with just those tools, wherever you are on the planet. The energy he put in them will help waken up whatever training you had before and help it kick in gear now...yes, it's an exciting time! Millions of people can pick up the path again from these books. He told us it's only a dark age when the number of people who don't meditate outnumber the number of people who do. That's what makes it dark. But if people pick up their line again and start to meditate on a daily basis, it has tremendous effect on lightening energy for people around them. Meditating once or twice a day, even for five to fifteen minutes as a beginner, makes a contribution to the network of light."

"But, I'm not sure all my training is back yet, or that I'm meditating so great," fretted the young woman.

"It's OK!" laughed the Rama student. "Rama used to tell us that there were no bad meditations. We used to worry a lot, and he would tease us, 'If you stayed awake, it was a good meditation. And if you fell asleep, it was a noble effort!' So no meditation session is without value. The advice in the 'Handbook' is good advice: 'Be diligent in your practice. Be patient. You will succeed....'"



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